Remembering Andrea Arrington

To many of us, the murder of Andrea Arrington last week was a senseless tragedy.

To Leeta Geist and Edith Giersch, it was more than that. They lost a friend, and a caregiver.

Geist and Edith Giersch are residents at Granite Run Estates in Middletown. That’s where Arrington worked.

Geist and Giersch didn’t know Arrington as just a picture in the newspaper or a headline. They knew her as the caring, loving nursing assistant who helped them get ready for bed each night.

Her co-workers also spoke glowingly of the woman whose life was snuffed out in a murderous rage by her estranged boyfriend last Monday night.

So damn sad.


Sharron said…
I'm sure everyone has heard about by now. But it still just seems so surreal 2 me. I never imagined that the next time I would see andrea would be of he laying in a casket. I can't even begin to explain the hurt I feel. Her life was taken for no reason @ all. There is no justification such a horrific crime. To andrea was to love her plain and simple as that. Andrea u will be greatly missed,your memory will live in and through us allways. U knw u sit back and think what else could hav been done to had made this tragity different but things can't be changed now. I knw if andres was here she would want any woman out here that may be living through domestic violence to speak out, don't take it anymore, fight as hard as you can to bring justice to thiese men that think hit'n and abusing a woman is an ok thing to do. Things can only get worsr. IF HE HIT YOU ONCE HE'LL DO IT AGAIN. PLEASE WAKE UP LADIES NO FAMILY SHOULD HAV TO GO THOUGH THE PAIN AND SORROW OF LOSING SUCH A WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON INSIDE AND OUT. WE LOVE YOU ANDREA AND WILL MISS YOU "UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN"