A tale of two hit-runs

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback yesterday as I watched Suzanne Lammers turn herself in to face charges in a hit-run accident.

Lammers is 75. The slight woman tried to cover her face from the cameras as she arrived at the Police Administration Building in Ardmore to be charged in the hit-run crash that seriously injured a 13-year-old teen back on July 15 in Bryn Mawr.

The Villanova woman looked every bit the Main Line matriarch. Police say she struck the teen, who was riding his bike, then left the scene. She apparently went down the road a bit, slowed down and looked back at the scene, then proceeded to drive home.

Once there police say she put her Volvo wagon in a garage and covered it up. That’s where it stayed until it was towed away by police this week, a huge hole on the passenger side of a smashed windshield seeming to offer plenty of evidence of what had happened. Lammers has been seen since tooling around the Main Line in an older pickup truck.

Police say Lammers indicated she thought she hit a deer. She said she had not been watching TV or reading newspapers, and was unaware that she had in fact struck and injured a teen.

That seems like a reach. Still, it was hard not to feel bad for her yesterday.

Then something struck me. I don’t remember feeling any of the same kind of feelings toward Lemuel Payne.

He’s the 27-year-old who a few weeks ago was sentenced to two to five years in jail for another hit-run crash.

Of course, there is a big difference. Payne’s victim died. It appears the Main Line teen will recover fully.

I’ll admit I do not know all of the details that led up to these two incidents, including the conditions of the drivers and the speed the cars were driving. Payne’s collision occurred about 10 at night. The one Lammers is now accused of occurred in the middle of the day.

But there are some similarities. Both fled. It appears both tried to stash the suspect vehicles. Both failed to come forward for weeks, until police came looking for them.

Yet there is a feeling of sympathy for Lammers, while most heaped only scorn on Payne.

And that bothers me.


g0lfer059 said…
We will see the difference in our legal system for the rich versus the working class citizens . This women who knew she ran over a child and left them on the highway . She will get a fine , suspended lic. and community service because after all she is wealthy . Two different laws in our nation .
g0lfer059 said…
Hllo Phil ,
Iam asking you to have the DAILY TIMES to step up to the plate and please set up an acct for the lady and her family who lost all do to fire . But most iam asking you to put it on the front page just one day so we all can give . It dosent have to be a big article just where we all can give . PLEASE DO THE WRIGHT THING , JUST ONCE FOREGO ALL THE BAD NEWS AND PUT A LITTLE ACCT ON THE FRONT PAGE >
thank you nick pissano.
g0lfer059 said…
I know that you haven't published some of my comments .I never tried to say anything to hurt any one .After all if you agreed with everything i had to say life would be boring . BUT WOULD YOU PLEASE COSIDER having the Daily Times do the right thing and set up an acct and put it on the front page . I smell a good PR for you and the paper , but better yet i see a great service for people who truly need us now .
thank you nick pissano
Sean said…
Well I guess YOU are a racist after all, huh, Phil??? I ddidn"t feel bad for that ghetto piece of shit in U.D., nor did/do I feel bad for some rich, white main line bitch. I just call it like I see it, Phil. You see, I'm not a "racist", but a REALIST. I didn't grow up in white bread Chester County. It's real easy to have patience when you don't watch your childhood neighborhood turn into a war-zone more, and more everyday. You have no clue, hypocrite.
g0lfer059 said…
And you seem to be afraid to post others comments when they disagree with you . Maybe you should be in Iran then no one can disagree with you .