Losing the Battle of Brandywine - again

On Sept. 11, 1777, British soldiers defeated Continental troops at the Battle of the Brandywine.

It probably stung only a little more than what will happen at the sprawling 52-acre site along Route 1 in Chadds Ford today.

Very simply, they will shut the place down. Oh, the grounds will still be open. You can picnic there, or possibly stroll the trails.

But the tourist center will be closed, as will the historic buildings.
Almost all of the paid staff will be laid off. Brandywine Battlefield has lost the Battle of the Pa. Budget.

The state Historical and Museum Commission has decided to shutter most of the facility and lay off the staff. It’s all about money.

But in terms of what the state is dealing with, the money to run the Battlefield is peanuts. We’re talking about a $350,000 annual outlay.

No matter. They will close the books on history today at Brandywine Battlefield.

Talk about a losing battle.


Anonymous said…
Starting 8 years ago, this type of loss is becoming increasingly common. Soon, we will have to pave our own roads if we want tarmac to drive on. It seems a disproportionate share of tax dollars went to the banks, Blackwater, (now called Xe), and Halliburton and very little was set aside for the good of the common citizen... Pity, America used to do well.

PS: The Battle of Brandywine was not fought actually fought on the site that was just closed down but fought a few miles away.