The case against Lisa Scott

Let me make this clear. I am not on the jury that is currently mulling the fate of Lisa Scott.

The D.A.’s office should be thankful for that.

If I were I would not be returning to the courthouse this morning. I would have returned my verdict last night.

The trial of the Linwood woman on charges she had sex with several teen boys is now in the hands of the jury. They deliberated about 90 minutes before calling it a night around 7:30.

They will be back at it this morning. A verdict is expected today.

If you’re asking me, I would tell you to put the house on an acquittal.

Scott took the stand in her own defense yesterday. She denied having sex with any of the boys.

The boys have offered differing versions of the events that led to the charges. One has admitted lying to the police about having sex with Scott.

Defense attorney Mark Much has savaged the prosecution’s case and the boys’ stories, saying he was surprised that when they placed their hands on the Bible before testifying, “I’m shocked it didn’t burst into flames.”


Here’s a couple of other thoughts. Scott has been in jail since she was charged in March. Her picture has been all over the paper. It’s on today’s front page because I wanted to be sure to give equal coverage to her denial of the charges as was given to when they were filed.

If there is a verdict, she likely will be on the front page again.

In the meantime, her accusers do so in anonymity. Their names are now known; their pictures not shown. Some of them have run afoul of the law themselves.

I wonder exactly how fair that is. I wonder about it a lot.