The dreaded Saturday Eagles pick

Welcome back, my friend, to the show that never ends.

Yes, the Eagles really are like a sideshow. All they need is a Big Top. But this Sunday is sure to take on a special significance the second Michael Vick trots out onto the field.

The Wildcat will turn Wild Dog on Sunday when Vick brings another demension to the Birds. Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen. Bottom line is that the Eagles win this game.

Only way I see them losing is via a bunch of stupid penalties, turnovers and special teams miscues. Oh, never mind.

The big question on this team likely will not be answered for two weeks, when Donovan McNabb returns after the Bye Week.

Tomorrow, look for Kevin Kolb to be under center, with Vick making more than a cameo as Andy Reid continues to play mad scientist with the offense. He better enjoy the gadgets and gimmicks now, because I do not see McNabb being nearly as entralled as his coach is with this style offense.

The Eagles should have more than enough to handle the Chiefs, even with a banged-up Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson.

One other note. The team is honoring Randall Cunningham at halftime, inducting him into the Eagles Honor Roll. Don't hit the concessions at the half. Stick around and offer a prolonged standing ovation to a guy who never really got his due here.

Then sit back and watch the Birds put away the Chiefs.

Make it Eagles 27, Chiefs 17.

Last Week: Yes, I picked the Saints to win, but I did not think they would get blown out. Sean McDermott's defense needs to turn things around, as does special teams.

Season Record: 1-1.