Justice for 'Sticky' the cat

How’s this for irony?

On the same day that Michael Vick makes his return to the NFL (in an Eagles uniform, no less), police announce they have solved the case of the duct-taped cat.

“Sticky” captured the region’s imagination last week when the kitty was discovered wrapped head to paws in duct tape. The picture of the cat is one of those that simply jarred your senses. All I could think about is what that cat went through in getting that tape off of its coat.

Just as I simply cannot watch Michael Vick trot out onto the field without thinking about what happened to those dogs as part of the dog-fighting operation he financed. If what happened to them in the actual fight was not barbarian enough for you, then what Vick and others are alleged to have done to some of the dogs who were so unfortunate as to prove not great fighters is almost beyond human.

Just a few hours after Vick made his return after doing two years in federal prison at Lincoln Financial Field yesterday, police announced a man had turned himself in to face charges in the case of “Sticky.”

James Davis, 19, of Philadelphia, surrendered to police after apparently giving a statement to the SPCA. Davis apparently was irked that the cat was in his back yard, and says he simply does not know what came over him next.

It is believed he snagged the cat, wrapped it head to paw in duct tape, stuck it in a bag and left it in his back yard. But the cat was making so much noise that he put it in a neighbor’s yard, where it was found the next day.

SPCA officials had posted a $2,000 reward and it appears as if that offer paid off, as someone came forward with information leading to Davis.

As for “Sticky,” as the cat was dubbed by SPCA officials, it was sedated before the hour-long process of cutting the duct tape away. The cat is now recovering.

My guess is that there is no lucrative NFL contract waiting for Davis.
He will face cruelty charges, officials said.