The president does Letterman

Attention all conservatives and others of that stripe who believe the editor of this newspaper believes President Barack Obama walks on the water, who insist this editor would never utter a word of protest against the current commander-in-chief.

I am about to do something that might surprise you. I am going to criticize Obama.

The guy has been everywhere this weekend. You could not turn on your TV Sunday morning without seeing him on one of the morning talk shows, pushing his health-care reform plan. I’m surprised he didn’t show up beside Howie, Terry and Jimmy on the Fox NFL pregame show.

But that pretty much goes with the territory. The Sunday morning platform is meant to debate those kinds of issues.

What he did last night does not.

Obama became the first sitting president to appear on David Letterman’s late-night gabfest.

Count me out. I think it was a mistake, but I’m sure the president is not exactly waiting for me to weigh in.

The truth is I kind of expect the president to be presidential. I have nothing against Letterman. There was a time (seemingly another lifetime
ago) when I was a regular watcher.

It’s great for goofy skits, comedians, and other pop figures. But I don’t think the president should be sitting there on the couch. It just doesn’t look especially presidential.

And finally there’s this. I know it’s on a lot of minds, and it’s been on mine. I think it’s a fair criticism. In fact, it’s one I hear all the time.

Can you imagine the reaction if that had been George W. Bush sitting there next to Dave? Be honest. He would have gotten killed.

My guess is that Obama will pretty much get a pass on his late-night visit.

Not from me.

Come on Mr. President. You’re better than that.


constant gina said…
wow...Obama has to be one of the most actve presidents have seen in a long time...he is EVERYWHERE!!
Bruce said…
I thought Obama was excellent on Letterman. Letterman actually asked pretty good questions on a variety of important topics, and Obama gave straightforward, understandable, not-too-wonky answers. It gave him a somewhat informal platform to address an audience that he might not reach otherwise. I wouldn't want to have him show up once a month, but once or twice a year might be really good.