Two more views of Chester

I could not help but notice the dueling visions of the city of Chester that appeared on Page 6 of Monday’s print edition.

Of course, that is where my print column appears each week.

This week I wrote about my visit with the top brass of the Philadelphia Union in their offices on the fifth floor of the refurbished Chester Power Station on the Chester waterfront. Just across the parking lot, work is proceeding feverishly on an 18,500-seat stadium that will be home for the Major League Soccer franchise.

It is a big part of the continuing story of Chester’s turnaround. But it is not the only aspect of the city that makes the paper. I sometimes refer to the city’s dilemma as the two faces of Chester.

You didn’t have to look far Monday to see the other side.

Directly below my column was a story detailing still another street shooting in the city. It came exactly one week after a gunman opened fire on a city playground, killing one person and injuring several others.

In the more recent incident, gunfire rang out near Fifth and Whittington Place near the William Penn development about 10 a.m. Sunday. Three people were wounded.

Police also are dealing with something they encountered with the previous shooting. It would appear there were no shortage of witnesses to the two incidents, but no one is coming forward with information.

That’s one more troubling aspect to the two faces of Chester.