A weekend without the Eagles

With the Flyers opening their season tonight, the Sixers in training camp (complete with throwback spiffy new uniforms), and the Phillies looking a lot like stale champage last night, a real Philly sports fans is left with only one thing to do.

Let’s talk Bye Week.

Yes, I hate it, too. A fall weekend without the Eagles just does not seem natural.

Without a game this weekend, there will be no “dreaded Saturday Eagles pick.” You’re crushed, I’m sure.

But that does not mean I don’t have some thoughts about the Birds. I do.
In fact, I fully expect them to run their current 2-1 record to a sparkling 5-1 by dispatching, in order, Tampa Bay, Oakland and Washington.

And we still won’t know if they’re any good. That answer likely will come the following week, when they tangle with the New York Giants on Nov. 1.

The Eagles have manhandled two very bad football teams, the Panthers and the absolutely dreadful Chiefs. They got smoked by the Saints, who stand at 3-0 and have a showdown of their own this week with the Jets.

Probably the biggest question hanging over the Birds the next few weeks will be the return of Donovan McNabb and how he will react to Michael Vick ocasionally trotting onto the field in various Wildcat formations.

Stay tuned.

If you absolutely have to have a pick, here’s an upset special. Take Rex Ryan’s guys to upset the Saints in the Big Easy.

And try not to fall asleep during these final three Phillies games as we all await the arrival of Red October next week. We still don’t know who or where the Phils will play, and likely will not until Sunday afternoon.

Oh, and one final thing. Let’s go, Flyers!

How ‘bout dat Chris Pronger, eh?