Bust to boom

It there’s one thing I know about business – and it’s not much – it’s this.

Even in bad times, the kind of economic doldrums we’ve been battling the last couple of years, sex sells.

So I was not the least surprised to see a casino executive offer a less than unique solution to the problem of declining revenue hammering Atlantic City Casinos.

Less business? How about less clothes?

Don Marrandino is a senior exec with Harrah’s Entertainment. He told Reuters that the solution to the Jersey shore gambling mecca’s woes is more skin.

He wants to make Atlantic City more like Las Vegas. Specifically, he wants Atlantic City to amend its codes to allow topless acts and sports betting.

Harrah’s also owns the slots parlor in Chester. Pennsylvania’s push into expanded legalized gambling is a factor in the struggles of Atlantic City. But up until last month, when they reversed a nearly year-long trend, Harrah’s Chester was having some struggles of its own in terms of declining revenue.

Would skin work there as well?

It’s apparently working for the owner of a sports bar in Bucks County.
The Just Sports Bar & Grill in Warwick Township has added topless dancers during daytime in the last month. Business has gone from bust to boom, or even more bust, so to speak. Residents are not amused, and are asking township leaders to shut down the risque act.

Don’t look for centerfolds in the newspaper.

At least not yet.


Anonymous said…
interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.