The Donovan McNabb show

Brace yourself, Donovan McNabb is talking again.

The Eagles QB was having some fun in the sun yesterday as he started practice sessions for Sunday’s Pro Bowl in Miami.

McNabb just couldn’t contain himself while answering questions from the media, including several scribes who made the trip from Philly.

McNabb apparently does not do this act locally. He saves this for those occasions when he can perform on the national stage.

Yesterday he talked about how much he loved it in Philly and that he appreciated Coach Andy Reid’s statement that McNabb would be back as the Eagles signal-caller for a 12th year.

So far, so good. But McNabb wasn’t done, especially when asked about the fact that he is going into the final year of his contract and whether he would seek an extension.

McNabb said he was sure he was staying with the Eagles. And how exactly did he know? A psychic told him.

Honest, that’s what he said.

And of course it was accompanied by that McNabb signature - that goofy smile. You know the one. The same one he used while playing air-guitar before his team was dismanteld by the Cowboys. The same one he flashes every time he misses a wide open receiver behind the opponent’s secondary, or when he throws one of his classic two-hoppers to a receiver open in the flat.

We should be used to it by now.

Here’s something else we probably should get used to, Donovan included.

Word from Phoenix indicates Kurt Warner is likely to announce his retirement today. McNabb lives in Phoenix in the off-season. Let the rumors begin.

McNabb says he wants to stay in Philly. Reid says McNabb will be his guy. But neither is saying anything about a contract extension, and it is unknown if McNabb will play without one.

This soap opera is about to hit the spin cycle.