Tense times in Norwood

Things are getting a little tense in Norwood these days.

That’s what happens when you discover that the town is $700,000 in debt and that bills have not been paid.

At times like this, you can pretty much count on two other things happening. Fingers start getting pointed. And taxes likely will go up.

The new borough council is saying this problem got dumped in their lap by the former council.

And last night, they unveiled what they plan to do about it.

A packed house showed up for the council meeting. As you can imagine, most were not happy about their town’s plight. And they were even less thrilled about the 30 percent boost in taxes council is looking at as a way to plug the hole in their budget.

The borough has until Feb. 15 to finalize a budget for 2010. Expect fireworks in the meantime.


Anonymous said…
I find this whole situation funny.
Here is a borough that feels the need to hire a business manager, when on the first "snow day" the offices weren't even open. While Norwood residents made it to work in other locations our office workers who live in walking distance chose not to open the office...maybe because the streets weren't cleaned. By the way, why weren't the streets cleaned after the storm?? I suspect frivilous spending somewhere...what about the 30 dollars a car that is charged yearly to park on our streets??? Where is this money going? I don't think an audit is going to help, I think Gov. Rendell should be involved.