Two odd cases

Was their something in the water yesterday?

It was a day for some strange stories.

First there was the saga of one James Bolton.

He had been arrested on a fairly minor pot possession charge in Ridley Township. Bolton, 36, of Philadelphia, was booked and then released at the township police station.

Bolton’s car was in the impound lot – just a short walk from the police station. But apparently Bolton was not in the mood for a stroll.

Instead, for some reason, police say he decided to use someone else’s wheels. Theirs.

Bolton bolted – in a bright red Ridley Police SUV. He eventually was nabbed at an Upper Darby intersection.

Ridley police say Bolton searched the inside of the car until he found the keys, which were there for the next officer to use on his shift.
Might want to rethink that policy.

Odd is not the word for the next story. Creepy is. Or maybe just scary.

Police are looking for Kevin Michael Cox in connection with two robberies of businesses along Route 202 in Concord Township.

What makes his case alarming is the weapon he allegedly displayed in holding up the joints.

Police say he would enter the businesses – usually where there was only one female employee working – confront her and demand money.

They say Cox would reach into his pocket and grab a hypodermic needle, and then inform the clerk that he is HIV-positive and that the needle contains infected blood and that he will stab them with the needle if they do not turn over the cash.

Nice guy.

Cox remains on the lam. He is 36 and is believed to be from the Wilmington, Del., area. He may be in the company of a female who drives the getaway car. Cox also is suspected of using a similar ruse in a hest in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

They can’t get this guy off the street fast enough.

Gives a whole new meaning to the words “Stick up.”

Hence our P. 1 headline this morning.