Another St. Joe's protest

The people upset at the possible closing of St. Joseph’s School in Collingdale are mad as hell, if you will forgive the language.

And they are not going away.

In fact, another group of parents upset at the decision that likely will mean closing the doors of their beloved school are going to make their voices heard loud and clear again this morning.

They will do a repeat performance of their protest outside the Basilical of SS. Peter and Paul and the archdiocese offices in downtown Philadelphia.

Last week they were granted an audience with Bishop Joseph McFadden. He oversees Catholic education in the archciocese.

While he certainly understands their concern, he also can do the math.

St. Joe’s is deep in the red, much of tied to the operation of the school, where enrollment continues to decline.

A lot of parishioners are pointing the finger of blame at their parish priest. He’s not talking.

But the residents are. And they will be out in force again today to make sure the leaders of the archdiocese know they are not happy.