The Daily Numbers - Feb. 26

The Daily Numbers: 2 teens, both sophomores at Interboro High, struck and killed by a high-speed Acela train in Norwood yesterday.
3 Interboro students who have been killed in less than a month.
110 mph, how fast Acela trains whiz by as they go through that area.
2 of the 4 suspects on the first edition of “Delaware County’s Most Wanted” TV show in custody.
6 inches of snow that fell on much of the region since yesterday morning. That adds to the record-setting 73.1 inches of snow already on the ground this winter.
19 inches of snow racked up in the Poconos.
50 mph wind gusts that battered the region overnight and caused the snow to drift across many roads.
15 percent of flights canceled yesterday at Philadelphia International Airport.
120 of its 400 daily flights out of Philly axed by US Airways yesterday.
Southwest grounded all 54 departures.
20 to 40 years in jail for a man convicted of shooting an Abington police officer.
4.39 percent tax hike being proposed in the Lower Merion School District. What, the laptop controversy was not enough?
25 percent of Pennsylvanians who believe Sen. Arlen Specter deserves re-election. That’s a ray of hope for longshot Rep. Joe Sestak.
34,616 people expected to be jammed into the Carrier Dome Saturday when Villanova arrives to play Syracuse.
2, as in second place and the silver medal for the U.S. women’s hockey team, which fell to Canada.
1, as in No. 1, what many experts are calling the Phillies lineup, with the addition of versatile Placido Polanco.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.A sight for sore, snowdrift eyes. Yes, that was Roy Halladay on the mound in Clearwater yesterday. And he looked as advertised, overpowering.
I Don’t Get It: If they are going to spend 90 minutes on an expanded noon news, don’t you think the local TV stations could do a little better than to tell us the roads were wet.
Today’s Upper: Just repeat after me: Spring is right around the corner.
Quote Box: “They were loved and they will be missed.”
Ron French, Interboro student, talking about the deaths of two friends who were struck and killed by an Acela train yesterday in Norwood.


Anonymous said…
You're wrong. It was a month and 6 days after the frist Interboro students death that the other two students got killed.
Not less than a month.
Get your facts stright.