Haunting questions in Interboro

There’s really only one simple question they are asking themselves in the Interboro community today.


Why were two young girls on the train tracks in Norwood yesterday morning?

Why did they leave Interboro High earlier in the day?

What motivated them to put themselves in harm’s way, in a very dangerous place that is clearly marked to warn people?

For some reason, Gina Gentile and Vanessa Dorwart were walking on the tracks near the Norwood Train Station when a high-speed Acela train zippped through. Tragedy ensued.

Gentile was 16. Dorwart would have turned 16 next week. They were both sophomores at Interboro High School

Now, as they wrestle with the question of why, the community also mourns two young lives lost.

It is becoming an achingly familiar routine in Interboro. Just a month ago they lost another student, when William Bradley V was struck and killed as he rode his bike home from school.

There is much talk among young people in the community that the two girls were despondent over the death of Bradley, a friend. He was Gentile’s boyfriend.

There was a third girl with them on the railroad tracks. She was not injured. She may hold the key to this horrific puzzle.

In the meantime, there is only pain. And aching questions.

It’s just too damn sad.


glowbee said…
My heart goes out to the parents of these teens. Too young to be taken so far from their families and loved ones!

Interboro is providing a wonderful service to the students with the grief counseling following these tragedies But the question is... and it was answered for me earlier this week even before these tragedies happened ... is there any "preventitive" counseling offered by the school... say, groups formed though the school where kids can go to talk about their problems such as health issues (anorexia, alcohol, drugs etc.), family issues, abuse or just "teen" issues. Group meetings held in a familiar place to them, in the school setting where they are with their peers, making new friends whom they will see everyday, so they do not have to feel like they are the only ones with these problems. I was given the unfortunate answer of NO. One would have to go outside the school to find that. What a shame!

Kids are so fragile these days, and they rely on these social networks to get answer or vent their unhappiness... Money can be tight for many families. I know first hand that professional counseling is very expensive... and there are many who do not have the money to seek "professional" counseling.

Maybe Interboro should think about forming some groups like this. Having the guidance office put out flyers to formulate groups, finding volunteers from our community to help with these groups... let's see how many kids just might show up to these meetings. They may be surprised at the number of kids who may attend if this is shown in a positive light that "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" and "DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP". I am sick of hearing that the parents are the one's to blame! In many, many, many cases, no they aren't... but they have no where else to turn for help. Blame should not be the issues anyway... getting the kids help should be the priority!

Let's help these kids build positive feelings about themselves... as adults and a community, it needs to start with us... we need to show the kids we are willing to do whatever it takes so they will have happy and productive lives!

I agree with a reader who said something about a "life pact"... maybe the school district could start with this... formulating a "Life Pact" something on the lines where we as adults / parents / teachers, unified as a district, are committed to the well-being and happiness of our children... the parents, teachers, school board sign off the pact... the parents / teachers discusses the importance of the pact with their children... tell them about these "possible groups" that could be offered... the kids sign off a pact as well. Display them in the school to show we are unified to building bridges to successful and happy futures for our young adult community!

Lets be proud of the preventitive measures we are taking as to not have to be offering the grief counseling.

Just a thought...