Meet the new boss, Phillies fans

It’s a sight for sore eyes, or at least eyes that have seen little else but snow for what seems like months.

Yes, that was Roy Halladay in the brilliant blue Philllies practice Phillies practice jersey on the mound in Clearwater yesterday.

The occasion was batting practice.

The new Phils ace was on the hill. The result, according to at least one witness, was impressive.

Halladay was as advertised, dazzling the Phillies batters. It’s something hitters in the American League have gotten used to. Not it’s the NL’s turn. Not many balls made it out of the infield.

Or you can ask Phils’ rookie Domonic Brown. He’s expected to be the team’s next phenom. He took a few cuts against Halladay. Two foul balls and a whiff.

His verdict on Halladay: “Nasty.”

Spring is just around the corner.


Anonymous said…
Halladay, Yes, but we must never forget that had not been for Lee, the Phillies would not have played in the World Series in 2009. A better scenery and a lock on another World Series in 2010 would have been having both starters in Phillies' pinstripes, Halladay and Lee.