Storm Troopers

It would not be an understatement to say that I am not a big fan of winter.

Which should give you some inkling of what kind of mood I have been in for much of this winter. The fact is I hate it. I don’t like being cold.
I have no use for snow.

So what exactly am I supposed to do with 28.5 inches? That’s how much snow fell at the airport, where they measure such things, on Saturday.

I happen to concur with George Carlin in these matters. Who cares what it does at the airport. No one lives there. Down in Ridley Park they are still digging out from 30 inches of snow recorded there.

All of which, of course, is prelude to what is expected to arrive tonight. More snow, of course.

And for me, that will be accompanied by more grinding in my stomach, and a yearning for spring.

The all-time record for winter snowfalls was recorded back in 1995-96, the year we got our all-time top snow storm of 30.7 inches. I didn’t make it home for two nights back then. It’s the only time I failed to get home in 28 winters of trundling in here to the office. That winter we totaled 65.5 inches of snow.

Right now, after our 28-inch snowfall on Saturday, we are sitting at
56.3 inches. In other words, the forecast for tonight and tomorrow could push us over the brink into the all-time top spot for winter snow.

Just in time for the arrival of the Winter Olympics. Too bad they don’t hand out gold medals for shoveling.

We’d all be up there on the winner’s stand.