Luring attempt sparks concern in Aston

 It is one of those concerns that always gets raised when a school is used as a polling place.

Especially when it involves younger kids.

Usually nothing comes of it.

Not anymore.

Police in Aston are investigating an incident that occurred on election day at Northley Middle School when a 14-year-old female student was approached by a man in his 50s on school grounds. After chatting with the girl before he cast his vote, he apparently approached her again after exercising his rights. This time he asked her if she wanted him to give her a ride home.

It was one of three incidents involving students and possible luring attempts in the past month.

Township Police Chief Dan Ruggieri is calling the probe his “top priority” and seeking to reassure residents that children are his top prority and that his officers are aggressively working the cases to identify the suspects.

You can read the full story, a description of the suspects, and view composite sketches here.

It’s ironic that someone using his constitutional rights would be involved in something like this immediately after doing so.

It also no doubt will reignite concerns over using schools as polling places.

Penn-Delco Superintendent Dr. George Steinhoff said the district will review the decision to have Northley Middle School used as a polling place.

Anyone with any information on any of the cases is urged to contact police at 610-497-2633.


Anonymous said…
When I worked as a Public School teacher, we dreaded voting days, when school was in session. In the Elementary schools, we were always on high-alert due to the number of 'strangers' in the school.
Always believed there could be some cooperation between the school districts and the courthouse-ie., primaries and general elections would be teacher in-service days- so the children are at home.
Or, local church basements to be used as polling places. And/or local colleges could be used as a polling place. Just some suggestions...