Friday, May 21, 2010

Meehan's resonse: 10 debates

Earlier today I blogged about a challenge from Democratic state Rep. Bryan Lentz to his GOP foe in the 7th District Congressional race Pat Meehan for a series of debates.

This afternoon Meehan responded, agreeing to at least 10 debates.

Here's my earlier post, as well as the update with the information from Meehan:

By the time dust settled around the great petition debate in the 7th District Congressional race, there wasn’t much of a primary fight left.

No one really expected that the problems with Republican Pat Meehan’s petitions would result in him getting booted off the ballot. They didn’t.

Democrat state Rep. Bryan Lentz had more success in Koing the hopes of a couple of challengers from within his own party.

So now it’s on to November. Lentz vs. Meehan.

Lentz threw the first punch yesterday, offering a challenge to the former U.S. attorney and Delco D.A. to be good to his word and schedule “a vigorous series of debates.”

Lentz believes Meehan has been ducking him. But this week Meehan indicated to supporters in an e-mail that he was looking forward to a series of debates.

Lentz jumped on the offer.

“I will debate Pat Meehan any time, any place, anywhere,” the state rep said. To Lentz’s way of thinking, that means eight to 10 debates, with at least one or two held in the fringe areas of the district in Montgomery and Chester counties. The bulk of the district is in Delco, although it does not cover the entire county. A slide of the riverfront sits in the district of Rep. Bob Brady, D-1.

The ball’s in your court, Mr. Meehan.

This just in: Pat Meehan has responded, saying he'd like to have a series of 10 debates with Lentz.

Let me be the first to say it: This race is going to be a barn-burner.

Here's Meehan's press release:

DREXEL HILL, PA - Former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan followed up on his call Wednesday for a "vigorous series of debates" with his opponent, challenging state legislator Bryan Lentz to accept a series of 10 debates and forums he is working to schedule.

"Voters deserve to hear more about Bryan Lentz's record in the Legislature of voting to increase government spending and raise taxes," said Meehan. "State legislator Lentz has been part of the problem in Harrisburg and he will be part of the problem in Washington. Through open debates, it will become evident that Lentz will be just another rubber stamp for big government spending and Nancy Pelosi's liberal agenda in Washington."

Meehan released a list of 10 organizations and news outlets that his campaign is in the process of reaching out to in order to set up debates. Meehan hopes to kick off the first debate in June with the debates spread throughout different areas of Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties. The list also includes three electronic media debates to provide voters who are unable to attend in person the opportunity to listen or watch the debates.

Organizations Meehan is in the process of reaching out to are:

Pennsylvanians for Effective Government (PEG) and the Southeastern Political Action Committee of Chambers of Commerce (SEPAC)

Medical Societies of Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties
League of Women Voters (Riddle Village)

Ukrainian Federation of America

Main Line Reform Temple

Senior Retirement Community

Delaware County Patriots

Larry Kane, "Voice of Reason" on the Comcast Network

Dom Giordano - 1210 AM, The Big Talker

Steve Highsmith - Live @ Issue

"In the past, Bryan Lentz has claimed he would debate me anytime and anywhere and I am happy to hold him to that commitment," said Meehan.


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