Philly fan Hall of Shame

It is becoming more and more the bane of Philadelphia sports.

The thrill of victory, and the agony of enduring the louts that too often ruin the experience in person.

Meet Matthrew Clemmens. He’s the 21-year-old New Jersey man who was charged with a sickening – literally – act during a Phillies game back in April at Citizens Bank Parl.

Clemmens was in court yesterday and pleaded guilty to simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment.

He barely opened his mouth in admitting his guilt, which given his previous actions might not be a bad thing. His attorney spoke for him afterward in saying his client “completely accepted responsibility for his behavior.”

Really? I would have liked to have heard that from Clemmens’ lips.

Because the last thing I heard about something coming from his lips was almost beyond belief. But then again, I spent a lot of time in the 700 level of Veterans Stadium during Eagles games, so I can’t say I’m especially surprised.

Clemmens and some of his buddies were at a Phillies game causing a ruckus. They’ve got plenty of company these days. Citizens Bank Park has suddenly become the place to be these days. It’s now hip, drawing a young crowd.

Clemmens, a male friend, and their two female accomplices were apparently spilling beer, spouting profanities and making a general nuisance of themselves.

A man with a family in front of them asked Clemmens to knock it off. Big mistake. Suddenly they were targets.

Police allege that Clemmens stuck his finger down his throat to purposely make himself sick. That pretty much describes his behavior.
The resultant spew hit the family in front of them, which included a police officer from Easton there with his daughters, ages 11 and 15.

Nice, huh?

Clemmens is not the first Philly fan to engage in such loutish behavior.
He won’t be the last.

Yes, I also know that these acts make up a small percentage of fans.

But that misses the point. What is it exactly that fuels people to act this way?

That one’s easy. Very often it’s beer. Fans often party long and hard before ever entering the stadium. And they don’t stop there. Team officials don’t seem to keep very close tabs on alcohol consumption either. Then again, they have an economic interest in selling beer.

It’s a toxic combination.

I like a beer as much as anyone, especially when I’m watching a game.
But for the most part now I restrict that to the couch of my living room.

When I gave up my Eagles tickets, I thought I’d really miss it. I do.
Except for one thing: The behavior of too many fans.

Matthew Clemmens can now rightly take his place in the Philly fan’s Hall of Shame.


Dannytheman said…
You and me both.

My Phillies season tickets were dropped. After the 4th inning the level of brain matter drops as many "fans" drop down to the better seats.
I had the hardest time getting security to do anything there. My sons were younger then. If it wasn't the vile language it was derogatory statement towards woman.

I go now 5 times year, and I never bring the kids. Shame.