Specter vs. Sestak: Join the conversation

Our endorsement in the hotly contested Democratic primary for the U.S.

Senate is in. We’re backing U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak.

My guess is that won’t come as a huge surprise to our legions of critics who believe we are in Sestak’s pocket. So be it.

The decision was not unanimous. It was easily the majority vote of our editorial board.

You can read the endorsement here.


We’ve weighed in with our opinion. We have a voice in this race. But so do you, and not just with your vote on Tuesday. We’d like you to offer your own endorsement in the Specter-Sestak battle royal.

Tell us why you agree with us, or disagree. Basically we’re offering you the chance to write your own endorsement.

We’ll run a sampling of them in the paper tomorrow.

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