Heron's Nest: A new state of emergency

So what does Chester do now?

A state of emergency – including a strict curfew in five crime-riddled areas of the city – as well as a ban on public gatherings of more than three people, kept the peace in the city for eight days.

Now there have been two violent incidents in two days, the first coming just hours after 18,500 people visited the city and enjoyed the “other” Chester. They came to PPL Park, home of the MLS’ Philadelphia Union, on a gorgeous sun-dipped day.

When the sun went down, trouble ensued. A man was found shot to dveath inside his van. Not at the stadium, but not all that far away.

Yesterday, not even a state of emergency would have prevented what happened in the middle of the afternoon on a Chester street.

A city police officer, who also works for the Chester Housing Authority, responded to a call for a burglary in progress just after 4 p.m. Officer Luis Rodriguez was preparing to confront the suspect when all hell broke loose.

When the gunfire ended, Rodriguez had been wounded in the arm. He is going to be fine. One suspect was shot and killed. Two others were wounded. A standoff ensued.

Police are still trying to sort out exactly what happed on the 300 block of Rose Street.

City officials might consider doing the same thing.

What do they do now?


Dannytheman said…
They truly need help, Phil.

They need to gather assistance from across the State. They need to get cops on the street, day and night. Cops borrowed from surrounding counties, cops from other parts of the State. The criminals are cowards, if we hit them hard and often, it can be cleaned up!
What is the cost of one innocent life? 2? 3? When does "enough is enough" takes president over fiscal management?