Another 'oops' at county prison

They’re having an odd problem at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility.

They keep losing track of inmates.

For at least the third time this summer, the county lockup has mistakenly released inmates who were not supposed to be out on the street.

It’s got to be embarrassing for county and prison officials. Much is always made that the county saves lots of money by having a private company run the prison.

It started a few years back when County Council contracted with Wackenhut to build and run the new jail. Wackenhut then became Geo Inc.

Now a New Jersey outfit, Community Education Centers, is running the operation.

But they do so under the eye of a county employee. That would be Prison Superintendent John A. Reilly Jr. He’s a former county assistant district attorney.

I give Reilly credit. He did not hide when we confronted him with word of the latest “mistakes.” He met it head-on and admitted the facility has a problem and that it needs to be fixed.

You can read our editorial stance on the issue here.

Let’s hope Reilly is right.

Even more so, let’s hope they quickly corral the two suspects turned loose back on the streets, and that it doesn’t happen again.