Monday, August 23, 2010

End of summer draws near

We deposited my daughter back at college for her second year of law school over the weekend.

And I am a convert to the Tappan Zee Bridge. I have determined there is no easy way to drive from Philadelphia to Boston. But I also have vowed to avoid the George Washington Bridge in New York City at all costs.

I tried just about every time of day. It didn’t matter. Getting across the GW proved a nightmare.

Yes, taking the Garden State Parkway and the Tappan Zee seems a bit longer. But at least you are moving, although I was a bit chagrined on the ride home southbound Saturday night to glance across at the northbound traffic that was backed up forever in several locations approaching the bridge.

We hit it Friday morning and sailed right across. Maybe you just have to keep your fingers crossed and your foot on the gas pedal.

This week our son will enjoy his final week of summer before heading back to campus himself. Luckily, he drives himself.

One thing is certain. Summer is over. Didn’t we just finish the dishes for the Memorial Day picnic?

Don’t remind me what is coming. I know all too well. It already is too dark to read once I finally manage to make it out onto the screened-in porch most nights.

The days are growing shorter. So are my memories of summer.

Pardon me if I attempt to squeeze every last second out of it. I just lover summer. Almost as much as I hate winter.

One thing I now realize is that there is no sense complaining about it. You can’t stop the clock. Whoever said time marches on was smarter than I am.

All I can do is wonder where the time went.


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