Hurricane-force talk about Earl

My name is Earl.

I am not a TV show. But you should get used to hearing my name. It likely will dominate the local TV news this week.

Earl is a huge Category 4 storm that just battered some tiny islands in the Caribbean and is now heading up the East Coast.

But that’s the problem. For all its bluster – and the accompanying banter of the talking heads on TV – it appears that Earl is not going to have much of an effect on our local weather.

Now there’s a caveat here. It all depends on the track of the storm.
Doesn’t it always?

But most of the computer projections now put Earl on a path that takes it farther out to sea, about 220 miles off the Jersey shore. That would likely mean little more than rough surf and rip tides at the shore.
We’ll get some rain late Thursday into Friday. But then it’s supposed to clear and looks like a great holiday weekend.

In short, Earl most likely will not not wash out the Labor Day weekend.

But then again, this is a weather story. Check back in 15 minutes. The forecast likely will have changed by then.