In 3 Delco towns, it's Finance 101

 In three different Delaware County towns, questions are being raised about municipal finances.

In Haverford, they just concluded a probe of the Public Works Department that resulted in two resignations of longtime employees. No criminal charges are coming as a result of the probe, but it’s pretty clear that there were things happening there that should not have been, and that likely should have been caught long before.

In Norwood, there are now questions being raised about just how bad the borough’s finances really are, and whether that whopping tax hike enacted by the new council was really necessary. That ought to go down fairly toughly with the corn flakes this morning.

And out in Bethel, a citizens group is asking questions about the bottom line there and whether in fact the township is $600,000 in the red.

In these brutal economic times, peoople start paying pretty close attention to the bottom line.

Every penny counts.

As the leaders of thee local towns are finding out.