Monday, August 23, 2010

Lentz vs. Meehan

 So much for waiting for the traditional post-Labor Day kickoff to the political season.

Bryan Lentz and Pat Meehan have been going at it all summer. Lentz, the Democrat state rep, and Meehan, the Republican former U.S. attorney and Delco D.A., are in one of the most high-profile congressional races in the nation.

They are jousting to replace Joe Sestak as the U.S. rep in the 7th District. Sestak, as you may have heard, is giving up the seat to seek a seat in the U.S. Senate. Sestak ousted former Republican Sen. Arlen Specter in the Dem primary, and will face off with Republican Pat Toomey in November.

Both the Republican and Democratic national committees have identified the 7th District race as crucial and are vowing to plow tons of money into the race.

Lentz and Meehan got an early start on the debate season when they appeared on longtime TV newsman and political analyst Larry Kane’s “Voice of Reason” show on Comcast.

The debate aired last night.

Click here to see how it went.

In the meantime, if you thought the Sestak-Curt Weldon showdown in 2006 was a knockdown, drag-out affair, you’re probably going to love the Meehan-Lentz battle royal.

To this point, much of the give-and-take in this race has been about petty politcs. But I’ll give credit to both candidates, who sat with Kane and offered a solid, reasoned discussion of the issues.

Let’s hope that’s the model for the rest of the political season.



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