'Passing' grade for Eagles' offense

We interrupt the Phillies stretch run to bring you this “all points bulletin” from the Eagles.

Has anyone seen this team’s offense? So far this preseason it has been for the most part “missing in action.” That’s especially so once they wander into the red zone.

The Eagles so far have scored exactly zero touchdowns. That’s not a misprint. The Birds have yet to stick it into the end zone. Actually, they did once Friday night against the Bengals, but that one was called back on a penalty.

This should not come as news to anyone who has watched Andy Reid’s teams over the years.

Donovan McNabb is gone, Kevin Kolb is your new starting QB, but Reid is still calling the plays. That means the Eagles will remain a pass-first offense. And that means they will continue to struggle once they get into the red zone, when the area they have to work with is compressed.

Reid simply does not believe in the idea of simply running the ball down the other team’s throats once they get near the goal line. They are not the exact opposite of the classic NFC East power team. You might go so far as to say they are a finesse team.

Reid will always look to pass first, to the detriment of the running game.

It’s hard to make any kind of judgment from these preseason glorified scrimmages.

But we have seen this act before from the Eagles offense.

It is classic Andy Reid. When asked after the game Friday night, Andy responded with this classic Reid-ism: “We have to do a better job when we get in there.”

That sound familiar to anyone.

For years now I have spit out the automatic response when asked about the Eagles chances. 10-6 has been my mantra for about a decade now.

Not this year.

This team has 8-8 written all over it.

For Andy Reid, that’s what you would call a “passing” grade.