Sestak wins backing - from a Republican


Joe Sestak is holding another press conference today.

Ho-Hum. Sestak holding a press conference is the equivalent of the sun coming up in the east. Happens all the time.

But today’s event is a little different.

Sestak is going to announce another endorsement in his campaign to capture the U.S. Senate seat. But this one has a twist.

The guy joining his camp is a former Senator from Nebraska.

And a Republican.

Check it out here.

This one likely will have smoke curling from the ears of both local and national Republican leaders.

So far in this campaign, their guy Pat Toomey seems to have had Sestak on the ropes.

But a defection from their own camp certainly will get a lot of attention in a very close race.

Chuck Hagel will travel to Philadelphia to make the announcement that he’s backing the Democrat Sestak.

In doing so he no doubt will be wearing a target. Expect the GOP to unleash their wrath at a man who was once one of their own.

This race seems to be have stepped into the background of the heated Lentz-Meehan campaign to replace Sestak as the 7th District rep in Congress.

Not anymore.

Chuck Hagel will put the Sestak-Toomey battle back on the front burner today.