We want to hear your voices

We want to hear your voices

I can’t say I didn’t ask for it.

We kicked off our endorsements yesterday. We also did something else. We asked our readers to chime in. We wanted to know if they agreed with us, or thought we were complete off the mark.

Yesterday, we gave our backing to Democrat Dan Onorato over Tom Corbett to be next governor of Pennsylvania.

You can read the editorial here.

As usual, our readers were not shy. Here’s a sampling of what they had to say: DelcoPop sounded a familiar tune: "An honest Daily Times headline would be "Vote Straight Democratic!"

MarcusAurelius (love that moniker) went a little further: " Well, Phil, it seems to be now official. You and your "rag" have sold out to the whining, limp-wristed, liberal agenda by your endorsement of who? You may have been born in Oxford but you have turned your back on your American heritage and gone over to the "dark side" of democratic perversity! "

Sharon H. seems to think we had had our minds made up for some time: "Coming Soon!

The DemocRAT Times, I mean the Daily Times, endorses Joe Sestak for Senate and Bryan Lentz for Congress! Those endorsements have been written since day 1. "

At least one commter, Colwyn Resident, was pleasanty surprised: " Honesty I am shocked!!!!!!!! I really thought the Delco Times was majorly Republican at all cost.. While I support the Democratic ticket ..this one by the Delco Times is an utterly pleasing shocker! "

Today we’re back with our selections in the races for state Senate and

House. These are important elections, for people who are going to have a

big say in whether or not this state is able to back away from the

financial abyss. 

Read that editorial here.

Again, we want you to offer your own endorsement – in addition to the

one you will cast next Tuesday, of course.

Don’t stand on the sideline. Join the conversation.

Go here and write your own endorsement.

And check back tomorrow for our choice in the bitterly contested 7th

District Congressional race.

We’ll cap off our choices on Sunday with the race for U.S. Senate

between Democrat Joe Sestak and Republican Pat Toomey.



jimmythec said…
I looked at it you endorsed democrats and republicans.
It seems to me your a fan of the moderates. You gave some solid reasons for your choices. I must admit I am not a huge fan of thaddeus, but you pointed out a few things that make a difference.
Overall, I think your a fine newspaper,and I have to wonder,if those other people dislike your paper so much,why do they read it.(chuckle)