Call me royally confused

I like to consider myself a pretty astute judge of news. I make the decision every day as to what the lead story in the newspaper is going to be.

Having sad that, can someone explain to me the hysteria surrounding the announcement that Prince William is engaged?

Yes, I put it on our website as soon as it was announced yesterday.

But it did not appear on today’s front page.

Yet there I was last night flipping through the channels, simply stunned to see that the news of Willie and Kate Middleton tying the knot was leading the network news, as well as at least one local channel.

I have to admit that I just don’t get it. Yes, I realize that all of this is simply another way to dredge up still one more story on Princess Diana.

I just don’t see the relevance here.

Then again, I was reminded Monday afternoon that I perhaps am not always the best judge of such things.

That came to me soon after I took a glance at what the top stories on our website were on Monday.

Care to take a guess?

That would be the nuptials of our very own Delco girl and “Survivor” contestant Stephenie LaGrossa to Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick. Almost 7,000 people took a gander at that one site.

I'd like to say I told you so, that I knew it would draw that many eyeballs. The truth is I didn't have any inkling it would be that popular.

Live and learn. Hey, at least the LaGrossa story has a local angle.

What's up with the royals? Is it the British version of celebrity news? Someone give me a clue.