Saturday, November 27, 2010

The dreaded Saturday Eagles pick

The Eagles and Michael Vick certainly have proven themselves worthy of prime time. The Birds posted back-to-back wins, first thrashing the Redskins on Monday night, then following that one up with a comeback win over the Giants last Sunday night.

It's another national showing Sunday for Team Vick, since this tilt vs. the Bears has been pushed back to 4:15 to be Fox's national TV game.

The Eagles will be in the middle of short weeks, coming off the night game, and facing a Thursday night game next week.

But first there is the Bears, and this will be no easy task, especially on the road.

This game will not be won by Michael Vick, but instead by the Eagles' defense, which must make things miserable for Jay Cutler, who has a tendency to turn the ball over. That will not be easy, considering the state of the Eagles' banged-up defense. Asante Samuel and Juqua Parker have not practiced all week, and Antonio Dixon also is ailing.

This is the kind of game Samuel could be the difference in, feasting off the often errant throws of Cutler, especially when he's under pressure.

Vick will have his hands full with the tenacious Bears defense, led by Brian Urlacher. Vick would be wise to start sliding when defenders are closing in, rather than consistently subjecting himself to nasty hits. Those have a tendency to add up over a season.

It will be up the Eagles defense to give the ball to Vick and the Birds offense with a short field. No one is going to make a living trying to drive the length of the field against Chicago.

Vick does his usual thing, providing just enough offense to lift the Birds to another key win.

Make it Eagles 23, Bears 16.

Last Week: I was on the money again as the Eagles rallied from behind to beat the Giants. Show of hands: How many people think the Eagles would have won that game with Donovan McNabb as their quarterback? Thought so.

Season Record: I am cruising along at 7-3, the same mark as the Eagles as they look to pad their lead in the NFC East.


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