Still talking about Michael Vick

It’s pretty clear the jury is still out on Michael Vick.

Not on the field. That jury is in. Vick is playing out of his mind.

I’m talking about the people who still have doubts about why the Eagles have him on the field in the first place.

I get the calls and e-mails every day from people who continue to seethe over what Vick did, and the fact that the Eagles were the team to offer him the vehicle to get back in the league.

They will never get past the reprehensible actions that landed him in federal prison for two years for running a dog-fighting operation.

They will have nothing to do with Vick – or the Eagles – as long as he is with the team.

More than that, they believe the media is for some reason making this guy out to be a hero.

If anyone has that view, let me do what I can right here to change your mind.

Michael Vick is not a hero. I have never said he is. What he did was absolutely reprensible. But I believe he deserves a second chance, just like anyone else does. He just happens to be able to do things that not many people can do. Michael Vick doesn’t drive a cab, or work in a factory. He’s not a teacher, or a newspaper editor either. He is a superstar athlete. A lot of people think he for some reason should forfeit the right to do that because of his conviction. I do not agree.

And I said as much Saturday when I had a chance to join Daily Times columnist Jack McCaffery, who was hosting a show on 97.5FM The Fanatic sports talk radio in town.

The Vick question dominated the three hours Jack was on.

It appears as if Delco fans are starting to change their minds about Vick. You can see what some of them had to say here.

We might as well get used to it. Michael Vick is not going anywhere.

He’s going to continue to be in the headlines every day.

And we will continue to discuss what he did, what he’s doing now, and where he and the Eagles very well could be going.