Trouble for America's (new) team

It was just a couple of weeks ago that a lot of people – this one included – had the suddenly rejuvenated Eagles led by Michael Vick pointed toward the Super Bowl.

Now, after a struggle against the New York Giants and a disappointing loss to the Chicago Bears, it seems like the Eagles are busy pointing fingers at themselves.

Star wide receiver DeSean Jackson is unhappy. He’s not talking, at least publicly, about the fact that he has been pretty much reduced to a decoy the last couple of weeks. It has not gone unnoticed that Jackson is looking for a new contract. He’s also looking to stay healthy, and some believe he has been, how should we say, a bit reticent about going over the middle.

Andy Reid has noticed Jackson, and apparently not in an especially good way. Depending on who you talk to, a visibly angry Reid aired the team out after Sunday’s loss in Chicago, and specifically targeted No. 10.

Reid is not talking either, saying “what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.”

Stuck in the middle of all this is Vick, who is looking to play peacemaker and downplay reports of any rift between the team and its star wideout.

Just another day at Eagles practice. That’s right, we’re talking about practice. The Birds did not get their normal day off yesterday because they face a short turnaround in facing the Houston Texans Thursday night.

Houston will arrive in town with its own star receiver, Andre Johnson, who was fined, but not suspended, for his role in a wild find with Tennessee cornerback Cortland Finnegan.

The game just happens to be ticketed for The NFL Network (it will be broadcast locally by Channel 17). Don’t think that entered into the decision not to suspend Johnson, do you?

One thing is clear, and at least one entity is happy about the Eagles.

That would be the NFL. They must be ecstatic over Vick and the story of the year in the NFL.

Sunday’s Eagles-Bears game was the highest rated NFL game on any neetwork this season, drawing an 18.0/32 rating. That means 18 percent of all homes with TV tuned into the game, and that 32 percent share marks the homes with TVs turned on at the time.

A little Jackson-Reid tiff only adds spice to the stew.

Michael Vick. Andy Reid. DeSean Jackson.

Meet America’s team.