The truth about Michael Vick

Jeff Lurie made a big splash yesterday with his announcement that the playpen where Gang Green – the zealots who back the Birds – gather on Sunday afternoons is going to be even greener.

Lurie brought in NFL boss Roger Goodell and other luminaries for the announcement that Lincoln Financial Field would convert to alternative energy sources.

They will erect a bunch of wind turbines on the top of the stadium, and also will utilize solar panels and a cogeneration plant.

There will be 80 of the spiral-shaped turbines ringing the top of the stadium, and another 2,500 solar panels on the outside.

I could have saved him the trouble.

If he’s looking for an alternate energy source, he should have just plugged into his new superstar QB, Michael Vick.

The guy is electric.

The ratings for Sunday night’s prime time matchup between the 6-3 Eagles and 6-3 Giants are likely to provide some juice as well.

Vick is no longer just a big story in Philly. He’s the biggest sports story in the nation.

Get used to it. If he stays on this run, the story is only going to get bigger.

I want to make something clear here. I have heard the voices of the critics, those who do not share my feelings for Vick.

I have not forgotten what Vick did, and why he was away from the game for two years.

It was reprehensible, and I don’t blame anyone who simply can’t get past that fact and decides to turn their back on the Eagles for their decision to bring Vick on board.

I do not consider him some kind of hero, and I have never said I do.

Having said that, I do find the story of one man’s search for redemption compelling, maybe as compelling as any sports story to come down the pike in years.

I know that is not a unanimous opinion.

I hope Vick stays on the straight and narrow. Should, however, he veer off track again, I will not hesitate to point it out. And very likely write him off forever.

But, for now, count me in. It’s a riveting story, one everyone can relate to, a man who had everything, threw it all away, and is now enjoying a kind of comeback none of us has ever seen before.

Yes, I’m an Eagles fan, and I am beyond happy at this sudden turn of events. What was once considered a rebuilding year now may be much more.

But this isn’t just about football. Those who revile Vick would agree with me, but for a different reason.

In this case I think we’ll just agree to disagree.