Vick now wears target

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is one key to beating these super-charged Philadelphia Eagles.

Defuse Michael Vick.

After his electrifying performance on Monday Night Football, Vick has become the darling of the national media. Everywhere you turn there is another story hailing his saga as one of the all-time great comeback stories in the annals of sports.

But that comeback could be short-circuited if the New York Giants have their way.

Yesterday the Giants were talking about the NFL’s resurgent superstar.

Coach Tom Coughlin told the New York media that watching Vick demolish the Washington Redskins gave him indigestion. When asked how he would try to defense Vick, Coughlin joked about putting a 12th man on the field.

Some of his players had some other thoughts. They’re actually thinking about one less player on the field. On the Eagles side of the ball. The guy wearing No. 7.

Giants safety Deon Grant reminded that Vick is not Superman, that he in fact was squished by two Redskins in the first encounter between the two teams, a collision that put him on the shelf for several weeks.

He sounds like the Giants wouldn’t mind a repeat of that scenario.

That comes as no real surprise. Vick has been playing as if he’s wearing Superman’s cape.

Now he’s wearing something else. A target.