Poll boosts Specter for mayor?

UPDATE: When I got an e-mail yesterday hawking a poll that would put Sen. Arlen Specter in the lead should he run for mayor in Philly, I have to admit I found it most intriguing. However, after it was picked up by a couple of other blogs today, I decided to double-check it. I can find no trace of an Apex Public Opinion Research in Buffalo, N.Y., nor of any poll they may have done.

Doesn't make the idea of Specter running any less tantalizing.

A new poll by an outfit called Apex Public Opinion Research comes up with a very interesting name in the 2011 Philadelphia mayoral race.

How does Mayor Arlen Specter sound?

The group polled 800 Philadelphia voters and the grizzled Specter, who was defeated in the Democratic U.S. Senate Primary by Delco Congressman Joe Sestak, would lead the field if he got into the race.

Of course Specter has not given any indication that he wants to get in, let alone offer a primary challenge to Mayor Michael Nutter.

Here’s how the poll ranked the candidates:

Specter – 28 percent
Nutter – 19 percent
Sam Katz – 9 percent
Anthony Hardy Wiliams – 8 percent
Tom Knox – 7 percent
Bob Brady – 6 percent
Alan Butkovitz – 6 percent.

Ten percent indicated they were undecided.


Anonymous said…
If he won the Mayor job, he could switch to Republican and become the first Republican for Philly in many years! He should find a nursing home at his age!