What would Vince Lombardi say?

So much for the frozen tundra.

And so much for the proud tradition that football is played in the elements.

While their opponent, the Minnesota Vikings, arrived in Philadelphia fresh off an outdoor game played in the elements of their wintry home state, the NFL apparently thought better of tangling with Mother Nature in Philly.

There was no football played in Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night.

Roger Goodell and his minions who run the NFL instead decided to postpone the game until Tuesday night as a Nor'easter battered much of the East Coast, dumping varying amounts of snow, from lots down at the Jersey shore, to not nearly as much in the Philly suburbs.

And that's the problem with that. Philadelphia itself didn't seem to get hit all that hard. Sure, there was somewhere in the vicinity of 10 inches on the ground at Philly International this morning, but last night I'm still not sure it warranted canceling the game.

Chalk it up to a sign of the times - and the incessant fear-mongering the media in this area engage in every time there is snow in the forecast.

Basically there has been no news in the Philadelphia area for days now. There is only snow, and "reporters" sticking rulers in the snow, all the while telling people that if they don't have to go out, they shouldn't.

Roger Goodell must have been listening.

Our featured columnist, Jack McCaffery, didn't think much of the idea. Neither, apparently, did Gov. Ed Rendell.

Can't say I really agreed with it either.

There was a time when such a decision would not even have been considered. Not any more.

The Eagles won a world championship as a blizzard rocked the area and covered Franklin Field in a blanket of white in 1948.

Now we play NFL games inside, and postpone them when there is a little snow in the forecast.

So tell us what you think of the NFL's decision. Think they made the right call?

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Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Heron,

Vince Lombadi must be turning over and over in his grave. The NFL and the city of Philadelphia both clamied that the reasoning for postponing Sunday nights EAGLES game was for public saftey. I say BULLS&%$. Both the city and the NFL were only afraid of one thing, the possiblity of less than the optimum number of fans showing up at the game due to a winter storm emergency that really did not exist, so that the cash registers at the Linc would be ringing as normal, as oposed to only a few peple showing up. 10 inches of snow? I wonder if the Eagles, the city of Philadelphia and the NFL realize how much their efforts yesterday(Sunday) made the city and everyone involved look like a bunch of sissies? Not playing football because of a little bit of snow? How many of us as children deramed of playing football when ever it snowed? I know I did plenty of times.
Shame on the NFL, the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles for what happened, I hope that people don't show up for the Tuesday night game, with an 8 o'clock start, will the people that do go be home early enough to get some sleep for work the next day?