Batting 1-for-2 on the weather

I'm not sure what aggravates me more, the fact that our fearless local TV weather folks completely punted yesterday morning's forecast, or the fact that they were right on the money about Round II last night.

I usually get in the office early. The first few flakes had just started falling on Delco Wednesday when I pulled into the parking lot in beautiful downtown Primos.

It didn't take long for the forecast to go right in the toilet, along with road conditions.

All day on Tuesday we heard that the morning was not going to be a big deal, that we'd get maybe a dusting of snow before it changed to a messy mix of rain, sleet and slush. The big problem was expected to be the second part of the storm due to roar into the area Wednesday night.

So much for that. It started snowing heavily before daylight Wednesday and did not let up. The changeover to rain? Didn't happen? Everyone got caught off guard. The roads turned into parking lots.

Everyone makes mistakes, That includes this newspaper, and certainly this editor. I make them every day. What I don't do is chuckle about them, or pass them off as some kind of joke.

So I had smoke curling out of my ears most of the morning yesterday as I was 'entertained' by our morning TV folks, who managed to regale us about how they had been "bamboozled" or otherwise surprised by the storm.

Here's a novel idea: Why not just say we got it wrong. After all, you devote about 25 minutes of every newscast to the weather. When it snows, there really is no other local news. The least you could do is acknowledge that you missed this one by a mile.

I include myself on that list. I wrote any number of items yesterday for the website indicating we just flat got the forecast wrong. But I don't joke about it.

I hate winter. Now more than ever.

That is in part because of my drive home last night, which was quite an adventure. The much-ballyhooed Round II was just starting to flex its muscles as I made my way out West Chester Pike. The father west I got, the more road surface disappeared.

This morning I shoveled out the driveway, and looked helplessly at the street in my development, which has yet to see a plow. I am not going anywhere.

I have, however, discovered something I like about all this technology I swim in every day. I can set up, update and otherwise work on our website without ever leaving the comfy confines of my home.

Of course, once the plow does arrive, it will conveniently pile all that snow right at the end of my driveway, meaning I will once again have to tunnel my out to get back to civilization.

For those keeping count, that's two more snow storms for the Great Heron's Nest Snow Prgnosticating event.

I said we would have 9 before the first day of spring on March 20. We're up to 3.

Look on the bright side, 18 days until pitchers and catchers arrive in Clearwater.

If only I was with them.