The Daily Numbers - Jan. 28

The Daily Numbers: 15.1 inches of snow that slammed the area Wednesday. Nice forecast, folks.

13.7 inches in Chester; 15.3 inches in Drexel Hill.

37.8 inches, how much snow we’ve gotten so far this winter. Normal slow for the entire winter is about 22.

11, as in 11th biggest recorded snow in the region’s history, not even coming close to the 30.7 inches we got in January 1996.

2 more snows, albeit light dustings, due today and Saturday.

1 more major storm now being predicted to arrive next Tuesday.

182 SEPTA buses that got stuck in the snow during the storm.

1,500 people stranded at Philadelphia International Airport at the height of the storm.

15,000 people without power in the region at the height of the storm Wednesday night.

2 Delco school districts, Chester Upland and Penn-Delco, that are closed again today.

13 other districts that are opening on 2-hour delay.

51 days until the first day of spring. Don’t forget to take part in the Great Heron’s Nest Snow Prognosticating Contest. Guess the number of measurable snows between now and March 20. I say 9. We’ve had 3, and there are 2 more possible today and Saturday.

16 days until Phillies pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater.


Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Andy Reid is now the longest-tenured coach in the NFL. That’s because the Titans fired Jeff Fisher. Reid is also the longest-tenture coach to never win a Super Bowl, in case you were wondering.


I Don’t Get It: On a day like yesterday, when the region was digging out of a 15-inch snowfall, you have to question the notion of slapping fines on anyone who puts out chairs to “reserve” their shoveled-out parking spot.


Today’s Upper: I’m hearing lots of reports on TV about the various plow jobs. I’m not hearing much about the “plow job” we got on that forecast, which completely punted Wednesday morning’s storm.


Quote Box: “I look forward to this. It gives you a chance to use your toy.”

- Bill McCullough, as he used his snowblower in Glenolden yesterday.