Familiar face now heading attorney general's office

There’s a very familiar face leading the state attorney general’s office.

Bill Ryan spent two terms here as district attorney of Delaware County.

Then he moved on to the A.G.’s office in Harrisburg. Today, Ryan is the top lawman in Pennsylvania after his boss Tom Corbett was sworn in as the state’s 46th governor.

Ryan, Corbett’s No. 2 man, was then named interim attorney general.

Maybe Ryan can get to the bottom of something his old boss did not. That would be all the allegations swirling around the questionable names that appeared on the nominating petitions for Republican congressional candidate Pat Meehan.

Meehan came forward asking for a probe when he learned Upper Darby Democrats were all over it. Delco D.A. Mike Green passed on it, since he had contributed to Meehan’s campaign.

Then it was kicked upstairs to A.G.’s office. And that’s where it has stayed for months.

Meehan is now the new congressman for the 7th District. Corbett is now governor. Ryan is now interim attorney general.

And the petition investigation. Apparently it is ongoing.

I’m sure we can expect a ruling any day now.


Dannytheman said…
I think it will be released when the Weldon Grand Jury is completed!