The Inaccu-Weather forecast

Here’s the latest in the winter of our discontent.

Something is going to happen Wednesday. Just what that is depends on who you talk to.

The folks at Channel 10 and on KYW are leaning toward a dusting of snow in the morning, then a change over to rain, and finally changing back to snow Wednesday night into Thursday.

Then again there’s John Bolaris on Fox-29. He’s looked into his crystal ball and is seeing more snow. Bolaris says he’s seeing a shift in this latest Nor’easter that will result in more wet, heavy snow, particularly in the infamous northern and western suburbs.

Bolaris is predicting 6 inches for the “northern and western suburbs,”
and 4 inches for Philadelphia and the near suburbs, which I am assuming includes Delaware County. I’ve always wondered where exactly the northern and western suburbs are. Don’t look for that to change any time soon. I think the northern and western suburbs include almost anywhere that is expecting more snow, giving our local weather folks the opportunity to push the idea of snow on the way.

The ride to work tomorrow morning might be a little bit messy, and the ride home and in particular Thursday morning’s commute also appear to be in jeopardy.

Here’s the official Heron’s Nest forecast: Wednesday likely will be a miserable day, with some kind of precipitation arriving in the morning, turning into a soaking rain in the afternoon, and maybe back to snow Wednesday night. There won’t be much of an accumulation, maybe just enough to cover the ground. The streets for the most part will remain wet.

That likely will register on the Great Heron’s Nest Snow Prognostication Event as well. Remember I predicted we’d get 9 more snows before the first day of spring on March 20. We’ve already had one and I figure Wednesday’s event will be No. 2.

If I’m wrong, turn on the TV. No doubt that’s the only thing they’ll be talking about all day today and tomorrow. They will have full coverage of the impending storm overnight and into tomorrow morning.

Ain’t winter great?