New Zodiac signs? It's in the stars

I am considering a new rule around here at the Daily Times and

Every story should include references to the person’s astrological sign.

And why would that be? Maybe you remember a few days ago a Midwest professor caused quite a stir by indicating that he thought the signs of the zodiac were actually out of whack.

The result? A lot of people who had spent their lives thinking they were one sign – you know, Virgo, Pisces, Leo, etc. – were actually another.

Now I must confess here I’m not a big astrology fan. My opinion of the “stars” became somewhat jaded in one of my first journalism jobs when I noticed a stack of material next to one of the compositors’ (look that one up, kids) tables in the composing room. What are they? I inquired. They’re the astrology columns, I was told. Each day they took the column for that date and plopped it into the paper.

But this study questioning the astrological signs caused quite a stir. Still, I was not impressed. Until yesterday.

One of our community bloggers, Mary Ann Fiebert, compiles a Top 10 list that appears on our website every day.

Yesterday she compiled a Top 10 list tied to the new signs of the zodiac. As of late yesterday afternoon, that item had drawn 18,000 “hits” on our website.


So don’t be surprised to see this kind of lead in the near future: A 55-year old Virgo from Primos is under arrest this morning, charged with spreading vicious rumors about bogus astrological signs. Police said the suspect, allegedly a newspaper editor, is actually a Leo.

Funny, I always thought I was Phil.