Take this weather and shovel it

You want the bad news or the worse news?

It’s snowing. Again.

You’re stunned, I know.

And the worse news? This is just the preview. Actually this is more than most of the forecasters had been predicting for this morning. Again, I’m stunned. They got it wrong? Surely you jest. The big problem, which you might find hard to find if you’re about to head out onto snow-covered roads out there, is expected to occur tonight. Heavy snow is supposed to come back into the region around 7 and continue to around midnight.

They say this is supposed to turn to rain later this morning. We’ll see about that.

For right now, it is snowing hard here in beautiful Primos. The parking lot is covered, as are many of the roads. Driving is already being affected for the morning rush.

Unfortunately it’s going to get colder this afternoon, setting up the bigger snow tonight.

Don’t ask me how many snows this has been this winter. Too damn many.

I’m done.

You can take this weather and … shovel it!