A winter lament

It’s no secret that winter is not my favorite time of year.

I have serious hibernating tendencies. After I stumble back into the house most nights, it’s about all I can do to swallow something, then stagger up the steps and go to bed.

In the blink of an eye, I’m getting up and doing it all over again.

Pretty quickly you find yourself feeling like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day,” feeling as if you are repeating the same day over and over again.

You would think the weekend would bring some relief. It does not. I usually mope around the house, read or work online. I’m addicted.

Add in temperatures in single digits and the problem becomes even worse.

So here is the challenge, devoted readers of The Heron’s Nest.

I want to change, not just for my sake but also for the sake of my family. My wife and kids think I’ve gone seriously off the deep end when it comes to having a life that is completely out of balance.

Give me some ideas. They must include getting out of the house, being active and not involve a cell phone, laptop, computer or iPad.

Walking can't be on the list. That's already there. My wife and I are dedicated walkers, doing a cople of miles each Saturday and Sunday morning. My wife belongs to the local Planet Fitness, but I have to admit I just hate the place. Walking on a treadmill drives me crazy, so that is pretty much out.

Then there is this other small problem. The weather. You know, the thing that has been making my life miserable now for months. I long for my screened-in porch, for throwing on a T-shirt and shorts, for the sound of the Phillies on the radio.

That ain't happening anytime soon.

We are braving single-digit temperatures today, on what very likely could be the coldest day of the year. But I am not turning back now. I have gone around the corner (or around the bend, depending on your point of view).

When I got in my car this morning, my handy-dandy temperature gauge next to the clock was conserving energy. In other words it was displaying all of one digit – 7 degrees. I thought that was pretty bad until I headed out and managed to glance at it again while out on the road. Maybe it was wind chill, but we were down to 3 degrees.

The forecasters are telling us we’re in for some kind of a wintry mix on Wednesday.

Spring is just a rumor.

I need help.

Actually, what I need is your ideas.

The life you save may be your neighborhood editor’s. Or at least his sanity (which has for the most part been in question for some time now


What do you do to break up the winter monotony? I'm all ears. Frost-bitten, perhaps, but all ears.