Pain at the pump

Maybe it was that near-70 degree day last week.

More likely it’s the volatile situation in Libya, which is rippling across the Middle East.

Bottom line? Pain at the pump. Earlier this week we hit a 28-year high for the average price in the Philly region. Right now we’re forking over
$3.22 a gallon.

And it’s going to get worse. Some experts are predicting we could be paying $4 a gallon by Memorial Day.

Those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer? We might be doing them on foot.


Manalive said…
Yo Phil: When Rep. Giffords was shot, the Daily Times was replete w/ articles incriminating conservatives like me, and demanding we become more "civil".
But now that a Democrat, Rep. Capuano, says that union guys and Democrats should "get bloody" -- the Daily Times is mute.
Will you acknowledge a double standard at the Daily Times?