Bipartisanship breaks out in Chesco

Something very interesting happened the other day out in Chester County.

They elected a Democrat as vice-chairman.

The three-member board has been controlled by Republicans seemingly since the dawn of time.

It probably won’t break the trend of 2-1 votes, with the board’s two Republicans holding sway, but it does strike me as progress.

What makes it all the more surprising is who nominated Democrat Kathi Cozzone to be second-in-charge. That would be none other than new Republican Commissioner Ryan Costello.

Costello just joined the board, filling the seat vacated when Republican Counilwoman Carol Aichele took a post in the new Corbett Administration.

Costello admitted that Cozzone’s three-plus years on the board trumped his three weeks. The move was backed by Republican board Chairman Terrence Farrell.

I think they call that bipartisanship.