Of Mice and (Pizza) Men

I guess you can call this one “Of Mice and (Pizza) Men.”

Even for Mike Chitwood, the brash top cop in Upper Darby who is no stranger to weird headlines, this one was stranger than fiction.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It boils down to this. Upper Darby police yesterday charged a rival pizza shop owner with trying to sabotage a couple of his competitors.

Run of the mill stuff in the “crusty,” ultra-competitive pizza business, right?

Ugh, not exactly.

Police say Nikolas Galiatsatos, the owner of Nina’s Bella Pizzeria on West Chester Pike, tried to take down his competitors by setting mice free in their establishment.


The only thing missing was Chitwood doing his best Jimmy Cagney imitation. “You dirty rat.”

Chitwood said he and his men were referring to it, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, as 'food terrorism by mice.'

For his part, Galiatsatos apparently told police he was having a problem with mice at his establishment and blamed it on his competitors.

Make sure you read the whole story here.

Only in Upper Darby. The mouse that scored, at least when it comes to headlines.