Sunoco boss gets award - & criticism

Sunoco boss lady Lynn Elsenhans got a bit of a surprise yesterday.

Not the fact that she was honored with the Paradigm Award by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Rather it was the voices of protest raised at the swanky luncheon.

Elsenhans has rubbed a lot of workers the wrong way. Yesterday they let her know how they feel.

Union members representing workers at both the Marcus Hook and South Philly refineries outside the Mariott downtown.

Jim Savage, head of Local 10-1 of the United Steelworkers at the Hook plant, is not an Elsenhans fan. He’s been critical of her cost-cutting style, which has slashed the workforce.

Elsenhans likely was not fazed by the protests. She’s one of 15 women to run a Fortune 500 company. And she makes no bones about her approach to the bottom line.

Her remarks were well-received by the Chamber audience, including a lot of women execs.


Anonymous said…
What about the protesters inside the event?